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Adorable almond sugar cookies stacked in tiers and iced with chocolate candy melts and cute details to look like wedding cakes!  

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I know I left you all in the lurch for a few weeks, but as you know Tyler and I were moving, and unpacking and it’s just been a crazy hectic ride!  So I’m jumping back in with these adorable cookies in honor of my best friend getting married!  She and her fiancé have been engaged for over 3 years, and now that they’re in the same country and finally living together (he was in med school) they decided to go to the courthouse and get married!  And I saw these cookies by Jen Carreiro over at Something Turquoise and just HAD to make them for Dorrie & Karl!

Adding "filling" to Wedding Cake Cookies @

And boy, what trials I went through!  I was pretty happy with the final product but these are kind of a pain to make and figure out what’s going to work for you. For me, it was thick cookie “layers”, about a dozen trips to Michael’s, and eventually a squeeze bottle. But in the end it was all worth it!

'Frosting' Wedding Cake Cookies with candy melts @

There’s so many small details that go into making these. I’ll try to give you my tips in an easy reference list:

  • Find decorations that are the right size. Many come too big or too small, so you’ll want to find a theme that works for you!  Working in mini makes inaccurate sizing all the more obvious.
  • Use an icing that works for you. The original poster used royal icing. It would probably be prettier than my candy melts, but I’d never made it before and apparently there’s a whole science to it.  And then there’s the fact that many people don’t even like the taste.  So since Dorrie likes white chocolate, I went for colored candy melts in her wedding colors!
  • Make your cookies THICK. I’m talking at least 1/3″-1/2″ because that’s what makes them look like cakes.  And make sure you have evenly spaced circle cutters. I used 1″, 1.25″, and 1.5″ cutters. Otherwise you end up with what my friend Rachel dubbed “pancake stacks” (see below)!  Still delicious, but not obvious as wedding cakes. (Additionally I used a glaze on these different from candy melts.)

First attempt at Wedding Cake Cookies...not as nice!  @

  • Use a different color chocolate as “layers” inside the cake. This I did mostly by accident to use up some 1oz samples of various melting chocolates I had lying about, but I think the detail is really neat. Of course it’s not to scale, but if you cut a “slice” you can see all the layers and it looks like the cake has filling!  (See the recipe card for a photo.)
  • Start with a solid sugar cookie dough that will hold its shape. If you have a tried and true recipe, feel free to use that!  I loved the almond extract in the recipe I ended up using! Truly the almond extract made it seem like a different cookie than a sugar cookie, but I think it even adds something a touch “fancy” to the cookies. They are for a wedding after all!

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