stuffed swiss & ham rolls;

Another take on these Stuffed rolls, swiss and ham is always a yummy combination for me. I even went one gourmet-step forward and grabbed Trader Joe’s  rosemary ham. If you don’t have access to rosemary ham, you can always sprinkle some rosemary into the diced cheese and ham, but make sure you crumble the dried stuff up with your fingers a bit to release the aromatics!  You can also just chop through it with you knife quickly before adding it.

Adding stuffing for Stuffed Swiss & Ham Rolls @

I chose ham and swiss because I had some leftover ham in the fridge. These are perfect to use up whatever cold cuts are left, or whatever scraps you’ve got left. It doesn’t have to be consistent–just throw ham and roast beef and turkey and muenster and cheddar and provolone together and call them “garbage” rolls!

All ready to bake Stuffed Swiss & Ham Rolls @

I think these are best out of the oven, warm and gooey. But they’re good enough reheated, and even can serve as a sandwich in a pinch!  Only problem with that I see is if people aren’t a fan of melted cheese that has re-solidified. But I say cheese is cheese and I will eat it!  Join me, why don’t you?

Baked Stuffed Jalapeno Popper Rolls @

That’s really all there is to it!  You can’t get much simpler than this. You will note in all the varieties I’ve made so far: stuffed pizza rolls, stuffed jalapeño popper rolls (recipe to come), that they all include cheese! That’s the operative ingredient here, but you have all the flexibility in the world to adapt with other flavors. You can even halve the filling of the recipes and make two different kinds on one sheet!  Perfect for picky eaters, or to add some variety. Somehow, serving yummy things in a little pillow of biscuity-goodness solves all problems!

Stuffed Swiss & Ham Rolls @

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