steak decadence sandwich;

Cheesy, buttery, garlic bread wrapped around steak and caramelized onions, topped with an over-easy egg, perfect for sopping up for that extra decadence!

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If you’re looking for healthful recipes, just look away now. Go look at my mediterranean dip, or marinated kabobs, or the plethora of roasted veggie ideas on this blog. DON’T keep reading. Diets have been broken by this recipe. Meaning mine.

Spreading butter for Cheesy Garlic Bread @

For all of you still here, I’ll bet you’re asking: what is in a steak decadence sandwich??? Well, I’m here to answer that great question!  It’s French bread cheesy cheddar garlic bread, stuffed with caramelized onions, grilled steak or roast beef, and topped with an over easy egg. If you’re not drooling right now, you clearly don’t know what decadence is.

Cheesy Garlic Bread for Steak Decadence Sandwich @
This concoction is one of those–I ate healthy all day, so I want something hearty for dinner because now I’m cranky and hungry and don’t care anymore!  But just look how goooood it is. I even put an egg on each half because, well, decadence. It’s in the name!  Try it and let me know if it’s as big a hit in your home as it was in mine!

Dipping Steak Decadence Sandwich in that eggy goodness @

Don’t forget to sop up that amazing runny yolk!

Steak Decadence Sandwich @

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