roast beef horseradish party sliders;

Another of my Pinterest finds perfect for a party!  (Check out the original recipe from Real Housemoms, or follow me on pinterest!)  This is a great make ahead recipe, full of flavor and a little more hearty than some of the snackage that goes on for a party.  This was on the menu along with my pull apart bread (look for a post on wednesday) for my 25th birthday bash!

Onions for roast beef horseradish party sliders @

I will definitely say this is on my “to-make-again” list. Fairly simple to make, and easy to make ahead and cover up before the party, then pop into the oven!  The onions are a nice blend of sweet and salty to add to the flavor packed horseradish mayo and the sweet Hawaiian rolls.

Cheesy layer for roast beef horseradish party sliders @

I happened to find jalapeno Hawaiian rolls which was a really cool addition of flavor to these bad boys. I’d never seen jalapeno Hawaiian rolls before, plus they were on sale, so of course I grabbed them!  Definitely would use again if I could find them, but if not, don’t let that stop you from making these!  They’d be just as good without, I promise. Or if you want that extra heat (you can taste it in the bread but it’s only a touch of heat), then just improvise with adding jalapeños or jalapeno pickling juice to the mayo!

Adding the meat and onion to roast beef horseradish party sliders @

The horseradish sauce is simply a creamed horseradish combined with mayo and seasonings. It’s packed full of flavor so you don’t need a lot, especially considering the combination of flavorful ingredients on this sandwich!

Spreading horsradish mayo on roast beef horseradish party sliders @

Feel free to improvise, for these sandwiches can really be adaptable.  Suggestions include buffalo shredded chicken sliders, turkey & Swiss & maple mustard, baby Cubans, grilled chicken with garlic aioli…really any filling you want, and follow the rest of the recipe!  Just make sure you get some cheese in there to get that warm and melty sandwich that stays together!

roast beef horseradish party sliders @

And also make sure you take a sharp knife and separate the sandwiches before serving.  It’s way more annoying as a finger food if you’re touching all the other sandwiches trying to yank one out from the pan.  I’ve included a separate recipe for the horseradish mayo, in case you want to try it on something else!  (However the sliders recipe is all inclusive and can stand by itself.)  The horseradish mayo would be a great condiment for a london broil or a steak, so try it out and let me know!

Roast Beef Horseradish Party Sliders @





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