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Everyone needs that fresh-baked perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe, and this is it!  Perfect to bake fresh for that warm gooey cookie, or freeze and bake later when you need your quick cookie fix!

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I have been craving sweets lately.  My sweet tooth tends to be a bit of a rollercoaster–either I’m craving the sweet stuff, or I’ll take only savory with my meals.  Neither’s bad, but I was really in the mood for a fresh baked, soft chocolate chip cookie the other day, so lucky for you, I stumbled across this recipe over at allrecipes!

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It does require an egg yolk in addition to a whole egg, so it works perfectly with leftover yolks from a crustless veggie quiche (recipe to come!). Or go all out on the cookie front with something lighter like these mint chocolate chip meringues (tcc recipe) that use only the egg whites.  In either case, you might want to double or triple the batch if you have space in your freezer, because even right out of the freezer, these cookies are delish!

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 I’m in love with these semisweet chocolate baking chunks (affiliate link) you get at Trader Joe’s for this recipe.  They’re a little large, but the ratio feels right and the dark sweetness is simply irresistible.  Regular chocolate chips would work fine too of course, though as mentioned I would always reach for the semisweet.  Though if you were into the whole white chocolate thing, I’ll bet a mix of white chocolate and semisweet would still be delicious!

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Do you have a favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe?  Share it below, or better yet, make this one and see if it compares!

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