peanut butter pie;

Luxurious, silky peanut butter pie on a chocolatey crust.  Add some crunch pieces for an extra layer of texture!

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I have shared a peanut butter crunch pie recipe, but this one is a touch different.  To start with, the previous recipe is for a miniature pie, and this one is for the full she-bang.  Full luxury.  An oreo crust, with a smooth, velvety peanut butter filling.

Making the crust for Peanut Butter Pie @

It’s up to you how you decide to do the chocolate topping!  The original recipe has you spread the chocolate as a layer across the top of the peanut butter pie, but I opted for more of a swirl.  I thought it was more visually appealing.

Mixing chocolate topping for Peanut Butter Pie @

This recipe is a long time time coming, a co-worker requested it for his birthday two months ago and I did not deliver!  But…trips + wedding + buying a house = pass for me.  Well, I’m giving myself a pass.  So instead, he gets a dessert at a Caps viewing party!  I don’t think he’ll complain.

Swirling chocolate and peanut butter for Peanut Butter Pie @

Try this recipe, and let me know how it turns out!  I think it’ll be a winner in your book, ‘cuz it sure is on mine!

102 - PeanutButterPie
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