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Silken tofu baked to perfection with a delicious thick honey sesame sauce, perfect over white or brown rice or vegetable fried rice (tipsychocochip recipe)!

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I’m all about that silken tofu.  All the food bloggers that I read swear by cooking with firm or extra firm or super-duuper-extra-extraordinarily-firm.  Sure, it makes life easy in the kitchen.  But I just don’t like to eat it.  Silken tofu I can eat all day.  You know all those things that they say “melt in your mouth”?  Well, silken tofu literally melts in your mouth.

Marinating tofu for Honey Sesame Tofu @ tipsychocochip.com

Silken tofu is not the easiest ingredient to work with.  If you hit it the wrong way, it’ll chip or break, and never in those nice square cubes.  Even my cut cubes are “rustic”.  If you look at it wrong, it’ll fall over.  But I am so much more likely to eat it, that it’s worth the extra hassle.  And I found a way to make it tolerable to work with for this delicious dish!  The key is to let it drain.  You can’t press out the liquid with a book as the original recipe suggests for firm tofu, because it literally will smush your silken tofu block.  But line a square-ish tupperware with paper towels, I use this kind of container (affiliate link).  Wrap it up like a little present.  And then let your tofu hang out.

Roasted tofu for Honey Sesame Tofu @ tipsychocochip.com

Check on it once or twice throughout the day, and if the paper towels are soaked, swap them out.  It’s okay if when you’re ready to cook they’re still damp, but you don’t want them dripping with condensation.  And then bake them off, so the very outside layer gets a little more resilient, and add them into the sauce and you’re good to go!  A yummy vegetarian meal, and with that amazing, melt in your mouth, keep you going back for more tofu!

Tossing tofu with sauce for Honey Sesame Tofu @ tipsychocochip.com

I don’t get to make tofu much because Tyler really doesn’t enjoy it.  There are very few things that he stresses he’d prefer not to eat, so I have to respect it when he tells me he’d rather not eat tofu.  Luckily he was busy the day I made this, so I get to share!  I think next time I would simply do some chicken alongside the tofu, and that might satisfy both our palates!

Honey Sesame Tofu @ tipsychocochip.com

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