happy hour review: firebirds;

So with Tyler’s crazy 4-days-a-week business trips, we’ve done much better on the date night front when he’s home! There’s still plenty of new places to explore, and Firebirds was on a recommended list by a coworker that lives in the area. It’s a cozy, somewhat swank place with a wide-variety of menu items. Plus they have happy hour every day (including weekends) and weekday happy hour goes until 7 which makes it ideal for date night!

We did stick to the happy hour menu this time around, but I definitely would love to try full-fledged dinner sometime! We walked in and they had the fire going and it smelled like the amazing woodsmoke smell of a real fire. Now I’m pretty sure the fireplace was gas, but woodsmoke is one of those smells that just makes me happy. Especially around the holidays, it just feels homey.

They have a whole host of fancy cocktails on happy hour special, and we tried 3 different ones. All were delicious and boozy and very different: tyler had a sidecar, I had a citrusy blood orange drink called “winter is here” and their signature pineapple martini.

Service was a touch slow because our poor waitress (I don’t think she ever told us her name) had the entire bar and cocktail area to serve and it was only like her second day. She was so sweet and apologetic and quite thankful that we weren’t phased by the delay. I was starving though and we ended up just eating three apps for dinner! They were all on happy hour special too!

The sliders weren’t anything amazing but tasty enough, the pretzels were soft and fresh and the cheese dip a tiny bit thin, but still yummy. And surprisingly the star of the show was the shrimp! It was a touch on the spicy side for me, so I had to intersperse my nibbling with drinks and other apps, but it was a good sized portion and had the perfect crisp breading with a fiery sauce.

Overall a 4.5 out of 5 chips (read:stars)! Definitely would like to go back and try out more drinks and dishes!

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