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I pretty much only make “candies” for holidays.  Typically they take a lot of work, and specialized equipment.  I’ve slowly been building up my arsenal, and I actually just broke out these silicone molds for the first time!  I got them from the annual secret santa last year with my high school friends.  I forgot I had them until I was going through the pantry, and so obviously I had to find some yummies to try out!  Plus I had Trader Joe’s dulche de leche (affiliate link) from the dulche de leche cheesecake I shared with you, and I wanted to use it another way.

Melted chocolate for Dulche de Leche Cups @ tipsychocochip.com

The molds that I’m using are these (affiliate link) over at amazon, although they’re no longer available directly from amazon or on Prime.  But here (affiliate link) is another option by the same company if you still want to try it out!  I also get my chocolate from chocoley.com.  I try to order in bulk because shipping isn’t exactly cheap, but the brightside of making holiday candies is that it’s cold outside and you have to worry much less about shipping in the heat.

Popping out Dulche de Leche Cups @ tipsychocochip.com

I really wanted to use some Maldon salt to top the cups, but with the molds it didn’t really make sense.  I’m a huge fan of that salted caramel thing.  You could sprinkle a little salt on the bottom, but then I imagine that it might ruin the fancy-schmancy shape.  If all you care about is the taste, you can also sprinkle some into the dulche de leche itself before you top off the chocolates.  If you decide to use candy cups (affiliate link), it’d be easier to top them and make them look a different kind of fancy!  I’d love to see photos if you try either method, so post them below!

Dulche de Leche Cups @ tipsychocochip.com


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