first hello fresh meal: dijon walnut salmon & couscous;

So a friend had sent me a hello fresh discount code for 1/2 off a week’s delivery and I forgot about it for months until I got a reminder e-mail from hello fresh (guess those reminder e-mails do work!) And it was about to be Thanksgiving, so I figured I’d have it delivered the week following when I got home after traveling so that I wouldn’t have to go grocery shopping.

Hello Fresh Ingredients

I’ve only made one recipe so far and here’s my conclusion on Hello Fresh: it’s convenient, but I see no need to have a weekly or even a monthly subscription.  I can see how some people would want it though.


  • Not having to meal plan or grocery shop is wonderful, especially for those weeks that are super busy and stressful, like coming back from a trip and having to get caught up on things.  (Like this post-Thanksgiving week.)
  • It’s convenient, everything is recyclable, and it’s easy to use.
  • The side provided was couscous, which I haven’t often made and now feel more confident I could and would make again because of its simplicity
  • It came with a cute little recipe book that was well laid out, and even told you what meal to make first (the fish)
  • I would make the meal again and have written up the recipes for the whole thing!


  • The recipes have a good variety and you can choose 3/5 meals (I actually forgot to choose, so I got the defaults.  Luckily I would have been fine with any of the 5 recipes.)
  • The tastiness of the salmon recipe we tried was good. The couscous…could have used a little something. It’s a good start to basics and I think next time I’d use some balsamic or add spices to get a little more out of it.
  • It made hearty meals for each, but since it portions things out there weren’t as many leftovers as I like to have.  I had leftovers but T didn’t. This is neutral because sometimes that’s what you want if you’re leaving for vacation or the holidays.


  • A few ingredients were non-descriptive. One box of ingredients was missing a label, though the other two had labels so I knew it was the beef meal.  Specifically for this recipe the “stock concentrate” was labeled in a small packet as “vegetable”. The ingredient list of the recipe labeled the ingredient “vegetable stock concentrate”, and the actual directions only said “stock concentrate”.  It was only by process of elimination that I determined that was the right ingredient. Not that it was hard, but how much harder would it have been to write at least “vegetable stock” on it, much less “vegetable stock concentrate” or just “stock concentrate” as the recipe card said.Hello Fresh Vegetable Stock Concentrate
  •  It was a good meal, but nothing that I couldn’t have done myself and in fact, I’ve made a VERY similar recipe sans couscous before, which was a little disappointing (because I wanted to try new things!). This did have some variation with the walnuts, but overall I consider it a variation and nothing new.
  • When it arrived, the packaging was fine, but I let the box and ice packs sit for a day or two, and two of the ice packs started leaking.  (I had removed the food so nothing was damaged). The ice packs are non-toxic and can be emptied into the trash and the plastic recycled, but it was inconvenient and luckily not detrimental to the quality of my experience (read: food).

Topping Dijon Walnut Salmon



Basically, in summary, it was a tasty meal but nothing spectacular. I would make it again but I would put my own twist on it, and not bother with getting the ingredients from Hello Fresh. Hello Fresh is a convenient service and I imagine I will use it again when (1) I know ahead of time that I have busy weeks planned, and/or (2) I get coupons for it.  Ideally both. I find $35 for 3 meals quite a good deal for the convenience, but to me personally it’s not really worth the normal price of $70.  I could see how it might be to someone who doesn’t want to shop or really enjoy cooking the way I do.  Keep in mind that this is the 2-person box, so the discounted price is approx. $6 per person per meal, and the regular price is $11-12 per person per meal. Honestly I will likely stalk their recipes and just make the ones I think would be good.  Besides, then I can pair what I want to make with grocery sales for even more long-term savings.

If anyone is interested in trying Hello Fresh, feel free to use my referral code: K8WDQC.  This will get you $40 off your first box, and gets me $20 off my next box, and I would say it’s definitely worth a try if you want to find some new recipes or need some added convenience in your life.  I’d be interested in comparing Hello Fresh to Blue Apron or Plated as well, so if anyone has referral codes for those, send them my way!




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