chicken and waffle sliders;

Delicious homemade fried chicken nuggets on mini waffles!  These savory little bites are perfect topped with maple syrup for a little extra kick of sweet!

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Umg, these are the best things ever!  They were a major hit at our Superbowl party!  They do require some work, but I promise you they’re worth it!

Frying up chicken for Chicken and Waffle Sliders @

The chicken nugget recipe I used was adapted from Stephanie’s copy-cat chick-fil-a recipe at Stockpiling Moms.  I actually happened to not have milk in my fridge, but luckily I keep buttermilk powder in my fridge as a backup, and it worked wonderfully in this recipe.  I did add a splash of Worcestershire sauce and a splash of Frank’s Red Hot to the buttermilk mixture for the barest hint of heat.  Feel free to add more if you want more of a spicy kick!

Frying up chicken for Chicken and Waffle Sliders @

My suggestion is that if you have a candy thermometer that you whip it out for the frying.  It’s not necessary, but it does make it easier to keep track of the temperature since the frying oil will drop in temperature as you start to add your first pieces of chicken.  You’ll want to heat the oil to 350-375 degrees F, and once you drop the chicken in, you want to keep the temperature around 300-325.

Stickin toothpicks in Chicken and Waffle Sliders @

The best part is, if you like the idea of these chicken and waffle sliders and don’t love the effort of frying things, go for the frozen chicken nuggets or tenders.  Just as delicious with far less work!  Depending on your ratio, you can always top the sliders with another waffle to make more of a sandwich/slider.  I liked the open-faced idea, so went with that!

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