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So here comes the wonderful-ness of cake batter and chocolate.  Seriously, who needs an oven?  Basically cake batter cookie dough wrapped in the sweet shell of chocolate.

Mixing Cake Batter Truffle Centers

These were made for a co-workers birthday.  He really wanted me to make this awesome birthday cake recipe from momofuku’s milkbar, however, with this being the week before Christmas and all, there was no way that I was slaving over that on the busiest week I’ve had in a while (which also includes those around Thanksgiving like I was whining about in my last post.  <3).  I’ve been up late all week so far, thanks to two 10pm volleyball games (one was a double header too), and a release on our software at work so I get to be at work for like 11 hours.  So…compromise!  Cake batter truffles.  All the cake batter goodness with wayyyy less of the work.  Though we did say that we’d both make the cake sometime soon!  Baking partay!

Cake Batter Truffle Balls

So if anyone’s ever coated anything in chocolate, you know all about that extra chocolate that’s left over.  You inevitably heat up slightly too much because heck, you have to coat all these things, right?  And you’d think, well I hate to waste chocolate, so you end up eating it, right?  Or is that just me?  Well, if you want an alternative (though you might not…), I found a great solution!  Nut clusters!  I always have nuts lying around the house, and so just toss some in (below in the picture are almond clusters) and coat with chocolate, and use a spatula to scrape down your chocolate container to get the last bits of chocolate.  Since they’re pretty sloppy to begin with, no one will notice if you just pile on the chocolate.  And your waistline will thank you later!  (Or maybe it won’t make a difference, since you’ll still eat the chocolate later.)  And I like to sprinkle a touch of Maldon salt on top, just because I like that salty sweet thing.

2015-12-16 17.22.00

This recipe adapted from Six Sister’s Stuff cake batter truffle recipe.  I used dark chocolate as a coating because I have a thing against white chocolate when it isn’t absolutely necessary. White chocolate isn’t chocolate (while it is made from cocoa butter, it does not contain cocoa solids, and therefore is not actually considered “chocolate”) and why would you want anything other than pure chocolate?  There are acceptable uses for white chocolate in my book, but I’ve been raised on the dark stuff, so it’s my go-to. And it’s got “healthier” properties anyway.  Make sure to keep refrigerated, or else the shells are more likely to crack! You can also double dip if you are okay with a thicker shell and want them to look pretty (and not crack). Usually I’m lazy and my truffles aren’t under scrutiny so I contend that they’re “homemade” an taste just as good with cracks.

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