buffalo chicken wrap;

I will say, now that we have a dog, I feel guilty about using my crock pot.  Not enough to stop, since I know we feed Kenichi well, but it must be some form of humane torture to have the house smelling like chicken all day and not even have the consolation that you’ll get some later.  Poor pup.  (I don’t feel that bad for you, you little spoiled ball of cuteness.)

Mixing Buffalo Chicken for Buffalo Chicken Wraps @ tipsychocochip.com

But this recipe is a great make-ahead recipe.  Perfect to make a big batch of on the weekend, and slap together a few sandwiches the day before, or just prepare all the fillings and make the sandwiches day of–or if you’re planning more than a few days out.  Really, you can’t get much easier than this.  I like to make large batches of the shredded chicken and use it for recipes throughout the week!  Things like shredded chicken nachos, tacos, you name it!


But for this recipe, just toss together the few ingredients, and then wrap it all up together!  Easy peasy.  I actually liked stuffing some of the chips into the wrap.  Feel free to add more buffalo sauce!  I’m a wuss, since I’ve only decided in the past year or so that I like some spice, so there’s definitely some room to amp up the hotness!  Add some more buffalo sauce on top, or mix it in with a smear of ranch or blue cheese to the tortilla.  I prefer dipping myself.  Feel free to let me know what ratios you use, and how lame I am with the buffalo sauce, =P.


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