brunch burger bombs;

Other than the Apple French Toast, and the Egg Casserole that my friends brought to our New Year’s Eve party, I think these brunch burger bombs were the star of the show!  They came about as I was trying to think of the menu, and wanted something a little more “lunchy” to brunch. The result?  Little pillows of pilsbury biscuit dough stuffed with maple bacon jam, cheese and burger sliders!

Pinching closed Brunch Burger Bombs @

Now normally for a brunch burger I’d say that it’d need to have at least some sort of egg in it, but (1) we were having egg casserole separately already, and (2) I feel like fried eggs that are runny are really the way to go and it’d be hard to incorporate into these to get the right consistency and make sure they were done. However, if you do wanted to add eggs, I think I’d scramble some eggs with a lot of cheese, leave it slight runny and then add that between the jam and burger layer.

Brunch Burger Bombs, ready for the party @

The recipe has included the eggs, and I’d love to try these with any variety of cheese–class it up with some chipotle gouda, or go old school with a sharp cheddar.  Take your pick!  But these were an awesome way to bring in the new year, alongside 90’s music videos, good conversation, and amazing friends!

Brunch Burger Bombs @

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