bloomin’ baked apples;

So let’s go with: I’m going to whip these out again one day and impress someone.  They look amazing.  They taste even more amazing.  And you can pretend that they’re healthy (they’re not).  I did forget to add that extra drizzle of caramel, but you know.  That’s how these things go.

Cored apples for bloomin apples


Now I used McIntosh apples because that’s what I had lying around, and I wasn’t able to make the nice rings that the gunny sack suggested.  Because my apples were softer, instead I just cut out from the center, making sure not to cut through the base.  The other addition that I made was to throw some chopped walnuts on top for the last five minutes of the baking time.  But I suggest serving with ice cream, to really round out the whole experience.  Go big or go home.

2015-12-10 18.26.09

Honestly, I don’t even have much left to say about this particular recipe because it’s just GOOD.  Make it.  Go.


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