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If you’re looking for a healthful chicken salad that’s perfect in a wrap, as an appetizer, or just on its own, look no further! With toasted corn, cubed avocado, cooked chicken, hard boiled eggs, bacon, and chives, you’re sure to love this recipe!

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This chicken salad is perfect for that other half of a rotisserie chicken, or leftovers when you realize you’ve made far too much shredded crockpot chicken and just need something different! Plus it’s an easy and delicious–and healthy–recipe now that the holidays are over and you’re filled to the brim.  I followed the recipe from Natasha’s Kitchen mostly as a guideline and it turned into a delicious chicken salad!

Spread of ingredients for Avcoado Chicken Salad @ tipsychocochip.com

I actually almost kind of consider it a salad even though there were no leafy greens. It was just light and refreshing and delicious. Somehow, despite it having a lot of ingredients I didn’t find it overwhelming to make. You can use leftover rotisserie chicken, leftover corn, and make some extra boiled eggs beforehand and then throwing this together is a breeze. I’d say the harder part is having all those leftovers at the same time! But even if you don’t have things pre-made, it’s easy to multitask!

Mixing ingredients for Avcoado Chicken Salad @ tipsychocochip.com

For example, I cooked the bacon first in a skillet, and threw some water on to boil in a separate pot for the eggs. Then drain bacon grease and add fresh/frozen corn to a skillet and brown lightly. If you’re using a non-stick pan, you don’t even need anything else! Chop up your other ingredients while you’re cooking, followed by those you’re cooking, and voila it’s a delicious meal! I think it’s also be good as a pasta salad, though I think you’d need to add more seasoning/dressing to balance and out the pasta.

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