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I know I’ve been a little lacking in the post department lately, but fully intend to make it up to you!  What with traveling home to NJ for memorial day, and having some longer days at work, I will say I’ve been a little on the “better-easy-than-no-food” train.  And here’s one recipe that really is simple!



Applie pie crescents are great for that last minute guest, or to throw together a cute but easy potluck dessert.  I will say that warm is definitely better in my opinion, but this recipe wouldn’t be too shabby served room temperature with a little ice cream!  Constructing Apple Pie Crescents @

The apples do still come out a little crisp if you cut big slices.  Now I personally don’t mind that because I find it easier to eat, and more of a finger food than if the apple was mushy.  But for all of you that like their mushy, ooey-gooey fruit, you might be better off making apple pie filling (with some butter and sugar and apples on the stovetop) and folding those into little hand pies or the like.

Rolling up Apple Pie Crescents @

This recipe was adapted from Dan’s Easy Apple Pie Bites over at Cake’s Cottage.  The main difference is that I used walnuts instead of pecans, but any kind of nut would work fine, methinks.  I like pecans, but I tend to save them for more special occasions because of the price hop.  Especially if a recipe doesn’t visibly display the nuts and they’re mixed in, then walnuts are a slightly cheaper substitution.


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