vegetable fried rice;

A rainbow of sauteed veggies tossed with ginger rice and a soy sauce based sauce for a healthy but hearty fried rice!

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So now that Valentine’s Day is over and done…back to the grind!  I’ve been trying to be more healthful lately, and this is one of my staples.  It does take a decent number of ingredients, but it’s delicious and is packed full of veggies!  Plus it’s great to use up whatever vegetables you have lying around.  For example, the original called for peas/broccoli but this time around I tossed in edamame instead!  I figured I had too many vegetables already, haha.  I really enjoy edamame, and always keep some on hand in my freezer.

Vegetables prepped for Vegetable Fried Rice @

If there’s one tip I can give you for this recipe it’s this–chop up all your veggies before starting!  Mise en place, people!  Maybe that’s obvious, but I tend to start sautéing while I’m still chopping, and time sneaks away from you.  I’ve been caught in the middle of cooking, knowing I should add the next vegetable and end up rushing through with uneven sizes or getting flustered because I’m not ready.

Sauteeing vegetables for Vegetable Fried Rice @

I also really love adding egg to this recipe.  The more egg the better!  I love how it soaks up the sauces and adds a really flavorful kick to each bite.  Depending on how many eggs you use (I’ll use anywhere from 2-4), and the size of your pan, you may be able to push the veggies aside and just scramble the eggs in the same pan, but if you’re doing closer to 4 you may want to temporarily remove the veggies back to your chopping platter to scramble the eggs easier.

Mixing rice into Vegetable Fried Rice @

Try out this recipe and let me know what you think!  Leave a comment if you want to try some different vegetables or supplement the recipe!  I’d love to hear your mix-ins~.

Vegetable Fried Rice @


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