the everyday thanksgiving sandwich;

I give you: the everyday thanksgiving sandwich–named for the swap of chicken instead of turkey in this awesome fall-themed sandwich. And just in case you needed that extra push, this sandwich is about as easy as can be.  Go and make this crockpot chicken and stuffing I posted last week, and then when you have too many leftovers and are bored with it–because let’s be honest, slow cookers lend themselves to that–you have this sandwich to look forward to.  Slow cookers usually involve making a ton of a dish, and then no matter how delicious, you get sick of eating it every day.  So I promise you this is one leftover-makeover you won’t want to miss!

Toasting the bread and adding cranberry sauce to The Everyday Thanksgiving Sandwich @

I was honestly quite proud of myself for thinking it up!  Mostly because T and I are in leftover central.  We have leftover enchiladas (check out the recipe), leftover chicken and stuffing, and leftovers from eating out, so there’s a lot of fridge space being taken up.  So when I thought of this sandwich I got super excited to eat leftovers, rather than being bored and dreary about eating the same old thing for the ump-teenth time.  The perfect combination of sweet cranberry sauce, mild but melty brie, plus the tender chicken, and all the flavor from the stuffing with green beans mixed in.

Constructing the Everyday Thanksgiving Sandwich @

Make sure you get the bread nice and toasty, because in my opinion that’s the crux of a good sandwich.  If you don’t get that warm and toasty crunch from the bread, well then it just kind of ruins the whole experience.  Then you’re looking at soggy bread and mediocre meat to the sandwich.  There’s nothing worse than looking forward to a sandwich and then being unable to pick it up because it bottoms out on you.  I also like this “everyday” sandwich because while it’s missing a touch of that luxury gravy, it means that it packages and reheats well, and can even be enjoyed cold.  Or even semi-cold, if you’ve got a toaster for that bread!


The Everyday Thanksgiving Sandwich @


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