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Happy Labor Day!  Did you think I was gonna leave you hanging?  Nope, this time I’m posting a down and dirty meal that you can enjoy when you’re crunched for time, and kids are sure to love because there are tater tots!  This recipe I learned from one of my coworkers–from Minnesota!  We were really confused at lunch one day as to what he was eating, and apparently this is a pretty common staple up there where as I (being a Yankee originally) had never in my life heard of it. So that prompted a discussion of what is tater tot hot dish and what goes in it. I’ll give you a hint: tater tots!

Cooking up ground beef filling for Tater Tot Hot Dish @ tipsychocochip.com

This is a really great casserole, definitely a simple dish. I’ll mark this recipe as cooking for company, but while it’s surprisingly tasty, I will note that it doesn’t actually look the most impressive.  But I tend to think that about casseroles in general.  In this one, the grayish cream of mushroom sauce doesn’t really help with the aesthetic appeal in my opinion. I think this is a great meal for the kids. Because the majority of what you see is cheese and tater tots, they’re generally sold!

Adding mushroom sauce to the filling for Tater Tot Hot Dish @ tipsychocochip.com

T and I don’t make this too often, simply because we don’t typically have tater tots sitting around–because I know if I buy them that I will eat them. It’s pretty much that simple. But I do plan this casserole out when I’m feeling lazy, and wanna grab a simple recipe for dinner in the evening. Note that while simple, it does take about 40 minutes to bake, so it’s not exactly the quickest. I mostly mention that because T and I have been hungry when before starting the dish and waiting is slightly torturous. But I’m one of those people that get hangry haha. I guarantee that T will back me on that.

Topping the dish with tater tots for Tater Tot Hot Dish @ tipsychocochip.com

So try this recipe out and let me know what you think!  Have you heard of it before and scoff at those who are so primitive as to not have this in their repertoire?  Or are you like me and have never heard of this recipe before in your life!

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