strawberry crunch cakeballs;

Delicious two-bite balls of cake and ice cream coated in frosting and a strawberry cake crumble on the outside!  They’re messy to eat, but deliciously so!

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What do you get when you throw a whole cake on the floor in your house?  Apparently the answer is Strawberry Crunch Cakeballs!  At least it was a delicious mistake!  Basically I was trying to re-make this strawberry crunch ice cream cake that I shared a few weeks ago because it was delicious!  And I didn’t prepare nearly as well because I figured I had made it once before and I would remember.

Making the "cakeballs" of ice cream and cake for Strawberry Crunch Cakeballs @

Well I decided I would put the cake on the large cutting board we own (you can see from the picture on that blog post that it pretty much dominated the cutting board I did use).  But of course, I didn’t take into account that it needed to go in the freezer.  And while it did actually fit in the freezer, I basically booby trapped it so that when I opened the door, it came crashing down on the floor.

Adding the crunch to Strawberry Crunch Cakeballs @

Well, you can imagine my anger/frustration/annoyance at myself.  I was pretty upset, but moved on and started cleaning it up with the help of my wonderful fiance.  But I didn’t want to waste the whole thing, so the parts that were salvageable–as in, didn’t touch the floor–I scooped into the bowl, and we cleaned the rest of the floor.

Icing the Strawberry Crunch Cakeballs @

Staring at the mush in the bowl, I remembered these cake balls one of my college friends taught me how to make: basically mashed up icing and warm cake, then frozen and coated in chocolate.  So what if I made a strawberry cake version of that!  Ice cream and icing aren’t so different, and thus, a new recipe was born!

112 - StrawberryCrunchCakeBalls
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