strawberry banana poundcake parfait;

An easy weeknight dessert ready in 10 minutes or less, but will still have you feeling sinfully decadent!  Try out this strawberry banana poundcake parfait made with vanilla pudding, strawberries, bananas, and poundcake!

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This recipe was born from a case of “gotta-use-up-those-leftovers”!  I had poundcake left over from my reverse strawberry shortcake, and I just couldn’t let it go to waste!  Plus I had some leftover fruit that I didn’t want to go bad.  So what better way to nom noms than in a parfait?

Cutting poundcake for Strawberry Banana Poundcake Parfait @

You can never go wrong with a no-bake recipe, that’s what I always say.  And while I wouldn’t go far enough to call this a “healthy” recipe, it sure isn’t the worst dessert you can eat!  Plus it’s light, which is nice.  The pudding gives it enough heft to be decadent but I don’t get that heaviness that I do after a lot of other desserts.

Cutting fruits and poundcake for Strawberry Banana Poundcake Parfait @

Of course, like most of my recipes, I encourage you to be creative!  Swap out the vanilla pudding for chocolate pudding, or even chocolate mousse!  You could go even simpler and knock out the pudding entirely for whipped cream, or even greek yogurt if you’re looking to tip this recipe into the realm of “healthful”.

101 - StrawberryBananaPoundcakeParfait
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