soy marinated tofu;

Deliciously flavorful tofu you can set and forget and once sauteed in a hot pan, you can serve over any starch or even eat it straight!

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Another highlight on my tour of things Tyler prefers not to eat–tofu!I actually really love tofu and I always forget until I discover it again. I love the silken tofu most of all, but of course it’s the hardest to work with. Firm tofu is fine, but definitely needs to be cooked. Honestly I could probably eat the silken stuff straight but that’s because it melts in your mouth. If you’re not quite as weird as me, marinating is a perfect way to infuse delicious goodness into your tofu!

Chopping tofu for Soy Marinated Tofu @

We had made pan fried noodles the other day (with chicken), but had too many noodles so I tried to come up with something else that was different to enjoy. And boy was this just as good if not better!

Marinating tofu for Soy Marinated Tofu @

The key to any tofu dish is to drain as much water as possible, and here’s your bonus secret for crispy tofu: a searing hot wok. If you have the patience of a saint, I’d bet that turning each cube individually to crisp up all sides would be heavenly, but for us impatient mortals, I suggest just tossing the contents of the pan. But you really want some good color on there without letting it burn.

Searing the tofu in a hot pan for Soy Marinated Tofu @

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