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Let me just start this off answering the question on everyone’s mind–yes, this recipe is everything you want it to be!  Another adventure stemming from my coworkers, though this time from a birthday rather than fresh-from-the-garden produce like baked jalapeño poppers.  Since I like cooking and baking (whaaaat), a coworker’s birthday is always the perfect excuse to try out a new recipe!  I do ask for a category or a few examples of what they like so that I have a starting place. How bad would everyone feel if I made something the birthday guy/gal didn’t like?  That’s awkward for everyone.  So when my coworker K this time mentioned snickerdoodles, I knew I didn’t want to do just plain snickerdoodles, but a new take!  So thanks to Deborah over at Taste and Tell, we have this bad boy!

Making syrup for Snickerdoodle Pie @

As to the actual recipe, it really is a cross between a cookie and a cake, in a pie crust. The “meat” of the pie is definitely cake-like, with the batter a kind of mix between cake batter and cookie dough. Thicker than plain cake batter, but definitely not firm enough to retain a ball shape if you were making cookies.

Filling pies for Snickerdoodle Pie @

When I poured the batter into the pie crust, I wasn’t convinced it would rise to fill out the crust–but it did!  When it was sitting in the crust it probably only came about halfway up the side but with the glaze and that baking powder, it rose to the occasion!  (Heheh. Do you like my dad jokes?  Blame my dad. I do, with love. <3). I will admit for this one I didn’t make the pie crusts from scratch. While I do have a crust recipe yet to share, this recipe seemed a bit involved, so I opted for the easy way out with frozen ones.

Glazing pies for Snickerdoodle Pie @

Plus, as it turned out, was probably a good thing, considering I ended up making two, mostly by accident.  Well, no two ways about it ladies and gentlemen–I can’t read instructions. You know when the recipe clearly says “1/4 c. Butter”?  Well apparently in Katie lala-land, that means a stick of butter (which for your reference is twice that at 1/2 c.).  And since I went all in on the glaze and had two pre-made pie crusts, well I just gave in to twice the deliciousness.  Which worked out amazingly considering I brought one of the pies into work, and it was gone by 11AM, no joke.  I wouldn’t have even gotten any to try if I hadn’t made two!  Besides, two pies means all the better to try different ice creams with!  I do suggest serving with ice cream, or maybe even some cream cheese frosting.  While it’s delicious, it is a touch on the dry side if just eating it by itself.  It actually reminded me a lot of coffee cake (excluding my previous recipe for cake mix coffee cake which is quite dense and super moist).  I also threw our pie in the freezer, and T likes eating it cold, straight from the freezer/fridge.  Perfect to freeze and pack in a lunchbox, or store it up for a time when you really want to treat yo self!  Next time I might even try pouring some of the syrup right into the pie crust to get that gooey cinnamon on the bottom and top.

Snickerdoodle Pie @
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