slutty brownies;

Need your chocolate fix?  Well, it’s time to get slutty with all your favorite desserts!  A chocolate chip cookie layer, followed by oreos, and topped off with a decadent layer of brownie.

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Slutty brownies bring me wayyyyy back to college.  I think it was my friend Jackie who first introduced me…when we weren’t eating cookie dough straight out of the tub.  Though of course with these you can always snitch some out of the tub while you’re making it.  Two desserts for the price of one!

Cookie dough layer for Slutty Brownies @

Now of course, if you wanna be classy about it all, you can make chocolate chip cookie dough, and you can make brownies, and if you’re extra super talented you can make your own oreos!  Buuuuuut that’s not really in the spirit of this recipe!

Adding Oreo layer for Slutty Brownies @

For this one we go for the ultimate drunk food, as much chocolate as you can pack into one bite, and as easy as possible.  So instead I go for three ingredients: pre-made cookie dough, boxed brownie mix, and oreos.  They are super rich, but funnily enough I think they go amazingly with vanilla ice cream to help cut some of that chocolate.

Mixing brownies for Slutty Brownies @

Of course, if you’re feeling fancy you can always try some of those different flavored oreos!  I had a few leftover mint ones, so I threw those in, or what could be even better is those limited-edition cookie dough oreos!  Again, tons of variety for an easy swap.  Let me know your favorite variations!

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