slow cooker peanut thai chicken;

Shredded chicken in a savory thai peanut sauce, perfect over rice or rice noodles, straight from your slow cooker!

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Guys, I found it.  It’s a wonderful feeling when you find the perfect recipe that uses up the exact leftovers in your fridge.  In this case?  Coconut milk!  See, I’ve shared recipes like bang bang shrimp (tcc recipe) and [healthful] coconut milk banana bread (tcc recipe).  And yet, neither of those recipes need a whole can of coconut milk.  So why not toss it in a slow cooker and have a delicious smelling dinner to come home to?  It’s all thanks to this recipe by Samantha at Five Heart Home.

Making peanut sauce for Slowcooker Peanut Thai Chicken @

This thing was as easy as it was delicious.  My biggest complaint?  The chicken was too tender and fell apart too much.  That’s about as good as it gets in the cooking world, wouldn’t you say?  Chicken that’s too tender.  I did cook it for 8 hours on low, so I could always reduce that a bit.  It was amazingly delicious, but the chicken fell apart to an entirely shredded consistency, and I think a few larger chunks would be ideal.

Fresh from the slowcooker Peanut Thai Chicken @

All you need for this meal after the chicken is to cook some rice or boil off some rice noodles.  It does lack a little in the vegetable department, but honestly, you won’t have space to eat side dishes anyway because the main act is so delicious!  Although now that I’m thinking of it, I bet some roasted edamame would be a delicious addition to make this even more healthful!

Shredding chicken for Slowcooker Peanut Thai Chicken @

Try it out and let me know what you think in the comments below!  This is definitely getting thrown in the slow cooker rotation!

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