shrimp scampi;

Buttery, garlic shrimp over a bed of buttery garlic pasta!  And this is even a fairly simple recipe!  Perfect for when you need to throw together a meal for the family when you’re prepping and running around to New Year’s parties!  I’d been craving shrimp scampi for some reason recently, so when I snagged some shrimp at the grocery this was my go-to!

Melting butter for Shrimp Scampi @

Usually, I don’t think of shrimp scampi as being spicy, but that little hint of a kick from the red pepper flakes was kinda cool in this recipe!  If spice isn’t your thing, then feel free to leave it out; or, if you’re a spice fiend, feel free to amp it up even more!

Sauteeing shrimp for Shrimp Scampi @

I served this with some sautéed carrots on the side–used the exact same pan, just tossed in some chopped up carrots with the leftover butter-coated pan. Added a splash of olive oil and crumbled some dried rosemary and cooked them until they were just beginning to soften!  Probably not the healthiest meal on the block but sure tasty, and the rosemary gave it a different kick than the rest of the scampi which was nice.

Buttery shrimp for Shrimp Scampi @

But try out this butter-full recipe and let me know what you think!

Shrimp Scampi @

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