salmon cakes;

Craving crab cakes but can’t justify the price tag?  Try out these salmon cakes!  All your salmony goodness in a delicious fried cake form~

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This recipe is really quite delicious. The salmon cakes are moist and flavorful with a satisfying crust, but what really makes this recipe is the sauce!

Mixing ingredients to make Salmon Cakes @

Plus, don’t you just love how colorful the meat is?  Until recently, I had avoided fish in a can. My mom made tunafish sandwiches growing up, which I didn’t dislike, but definitely wasn’t my first choice for lunch sandwich typically.  So when I saw canned salmon, I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it!

Mixing ingredients to make Salmon Cakes @
You’re probably laughing at me, saying “Katie, if you didn’t know what to do with it, why would you buy it?”  Well, my friend I at least had a decent reason!  Kenichi loves fish, and unfortunately I happened to buy a bunch of canned salmon from the grocery before we found out he’s allergic. Soooo now I had all these cans and nothing to do with them!

Crispy, golden brown Salmon Cakes @

Lucky for me, it was Pinterest to the rescue!  Thanks to Aggie’s Kitchen for this recipe.  And what a delicious rescue it was!  Try out this recipe and let me know in the comments what you think!

Frying up Salmon Cakes @

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