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This weekend was an unexpected treat at chef geoff’s in Tyson’s Corner!  My friend K came down for the weekend from Baltimore and my local friend J came up with a variety of places to go–from the classics to the new!  Chef Geoff’s was first on the list, and after looking at the brunch menu, I was sold.  I didn’t even bother looking at the others.  The three of us had a wonderful breakfast, chatting about my J’s upcoming wedding!

Before we got to the wedding talk, we had to decide what to eat!  And let me tell you, that was actually hard.  Like 20 minutes hard.  There are things on the menu like: bacon waffles, a seasonal frittata special, baja burrito, cinnamon doughnuts…we didn’t opt for the cinnamon doughnuts, but let me tell you that a plate of them walked by, and they smelled ah-mazing.  Somehow we resisted though.  It helped that they brought us some coffee cake to snack on until our meals came!  I ended up settling on the Breakfast Pizza, and the other two decided on the chicken and gravy–they didn’t want to share with each other, so we doubled up!

Breakfast Pizza - Review of Chef Geoff's @

All the food was amazing.  The pizza that I had a bechamel sauce, chicken sausage, smoked gouda, scrambled eggs, and was topped with slices of avocado and a sriracha mayo.  I was a little iffy on the sriracha mayo, since I will be the first to admit that I can’t always handle spice, but the mayo cut it nicely, and with all the other mild ingredients, it worked amazingly.  It was huge too, at least three meals for me!  Well maybe not three large meals, but since I’m not a breakfast person, it can be.  I heated some up in the toaster oven this morning, and it held up perfectly.

Chicken and Biscuits - Review of Chef Geoff's @

My two friends got their chicken and gravy, which as K put it, was really “like biscuits and gravy, plus chicken and biscuits!”  Both their dishes and my dish was plenty of food–a full-sized biscuit, two strips of yummy fried chicken, and a good ol’ pile of sauteed potato discs.  Just look at this picture!  I tasted a bit off of K’s plate: the chicken was moist, and the biscuit was tasty, albeit I’ve had better biscuits.  But “better” is limited–biscuits are still amazing in general, and Chef Geoff’s was no exception.  The potatoes were actually a hidden gem of this dish as well–just a touch crisp on all sides, but packed with flavor.  They reminded me a bit of my melting potatoes recipe, actually, if they had been finished off in a pan for that extra touch of crispness.

Starter Coffee Cake - Review: Chef Geoff's @

J’s been there multiple times and always walks away satisfied.  I will definitely be going back to try those other things on the menu that I couldn’t order all at once!  I would give it 4 out of 5 chips (read: stars)

Chef Geoff’s (Tyson’s Corner)
Chef Geoff’s Website
8045 Leesburg Pike
Vienna, VA 22182

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