pumpkin seeds three ways;

Happy Halloween!  Need a recipe for all those pumpkin seeds you got from the guts of your pumpkin carving?  Well here are three easy and delicious variations!

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1. Ranch Pumpkin Seeds

This is a classic and one of my favorites!  The key to any of these recipes is really to get the seeds dry enough to roast well.  I kept the guts for a day and then extracted the seeds and rinsed them, then let them sit out overnight amidst layers of paper towels.

Roasting Ranch Pumpkin Seeds @ tipsychocochip.com

Of course, if you’re feeling particularly lazy on the Ranch side of things, or don’t have all of these herbs/spices, you can always go for that pre-made seasoned ranch mix, but I typically have all of these lying around.

2. Pizza Pumpkin Seeds

This was a fun twist on pumpkin seed flavorings that has since become my favorite!  With parmesan cheese, oregano, and basil, it really is reminiscent of pizza, although of course I love anything with cheese as you all know.

Mixing Pizza Pumpkin Seeds @ tipsychocochip.com

3.  Spicy Pumpkin Seeds

The last recipe I have for you is more of a classic, but is good nonetheless!  Chili powder and a toss of cayenne for spice, the seasoning may be simple, but has a depth of flavor you just can’t beat!

Adding Seasoning to Spicy Pumpkin Seeds @ tipsychocochip.com

Of course, the key to any of these is the appropriate amount of salt.  Don’t shy away from tasting the seasonings as you add them, and have fun!  Feel free to tweak and add and substitute to your heart’s desire!


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