pizza loaf;

Homemade crusty bread stuffed with all your favorite pizza toppings throughout, perfect with a side of marinara for dipping!

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What’s better than homemade bread straight from the oven?  Homemade bread stuffed with all the pizza toppings you could want and THEN dunked in marinara. It’s delicious, if I do say so myself. It does take a little forethought as most homemade bread does, but let me tell you it’s worth it!

Adding pizza toppings to the pizza loaf bread @

This pizza bread goes for the supreme-pizza thing, although I tend to leave out the olives. I actually don’t think I’d mind them in this recipe in small quantities, but I hate to open a whole can of olives to use maybe 10. I actually enjoy olives, but I tend to find they easily overpower other flavors in a dish and therefore take the lazy route of leaving them out. As always, you do you!

Pizza loaf after rising @

I will say the more mozzarella the better. Somehow it’s not really pizza bread without strings of ooey gooey cheese. If you have extra, be sure to throw it in!

011 - PizzaLoaf
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