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In the mood for a different kind of wings?  Try out these pesto wings!  Made even better with homemade pesto!

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It’s been a good harvest year for the basil on my deck!  So that means lots of pesto!  And with this low-carb diet thing, wings are on the menu!  I’ve shared a lot of tasty chicken wing recipes like miso glazed chicken wings and maple mustard wings are my favorite go-tos.  But this was a nice summery take on wings!

Seasoning wings for Pesto Wings @

These are basically the same recipe, season and bake and then toss with the sauce–in this case pesto–and bake again to finish off the crispiness!  I have to get used to our oven, since they weren’t quite as crispy as I usually like them.  But I think next time if I give them a few more minutes they’d be the perfect crispiness!

Seasoned wings for Pesto Wings @

You can always season as you like, but I like to keep it simple.  Salt and pepper, and in this case I added a touch of paprika.  But the pesto really speaks for itself!

Adding pesto to baked Pesto Wings @

Check out this homemade pesto recipe if you’re interested in making your own!  It’s pretty simple, not too many ingredients, and you can freeze the pesto until you want to use it!

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