pesto chicken salad sandwich;

I had a moment of nostalgia + laziness this past week.  So apparently laziness + nostalgia = chicken pesto sandwich!  At least it’s a tasty equation, unlike diff-eq.  Or any of that theoretical math nonsense they tried to teach me in college.  But if you throw a little pesto at math, then maybe I’d have been motivated to take that one extra math class and get a math minor!  But I figured with majors in both East Asian Studies (Japanese), and Comp Sci, I didn’t need to muddle my way through one of the high-level theoretical math classes.  Haven’t looked back since.  Besides, this is tasty math!

Slicing challah bread for Pesto Chicken Salad Sandwich @

Anyway, enough of my nerd-isms.  How ’bout I explain the equation?  Basically, we had some chicken around, but not much else, and I’ve been running on little sleep for a while now.  So I was thinking of what we had in the fridge so that I didn’t have to run to the grocery store, and my thoughts landed on pesto!  Chicken pesto is a natural yummy go-to, but it actually sparked a thought about these chicken pesto sandwiches that my family would get at an Italian shop called Ninette’s.  Hence the nostalgia part.

Mixing together chicken salad for Pesto Chicken Salad Sandwich @

It was actually a bit far from our house, like a 20 minute drive, but I believe that one of my parent’s discovered it for lunch near their workplace.  Their chicken pesto sandwich (which was literally the only thing I ever ate at this place) was amazing, but it was a weekday special.  So it was only special occasions when we met my Mom there and got some of those tasty sandwiches!  Not really “special occasions”, but more like doctor’s appointments or holidays, or things that would have us kiddos out of school at lunchtime and my parents at work.

Building Pesto Chicken Salad Sandwich @

Anyway, this recipe is actually surprisingly close to what I remembered from Ninette’s!  It was a super exciting to create something that I haven’t had in years, and honestly it’s not even hard and doesn’t even have too many ingredients.  Ninette’s was of course a touch better because they slapped the pesto deliciousness on homemade foccacia bread, and I didn’t feel like tackling that in my spurt of laziness.  So we actually used challah.  It was delicious, for sure!  I still do recommend fresh bread because it does add an extra element of luxury, but I think that about any sandwich.

Pesto Chicken Salad Sandwich @

I also would probably serve these in the future with lettuce and tomato, but again, on the “don’t go to the grocery” store train, it was still delicious as is!  It can be served warm or cold, honestly, I kinda enjoy the lukewarm category.  Let me know what you think!



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