perfectly chewy oatmeal cookies;

Perfectly crisp edges with a soft and chewy center with the right amount of sweet and oaty and salty!  Bake them straight, or add raisins or chocolate chips for added bits of deliciousness!

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Recently I’ve been looking to solidify my basic cookie recipes. On the list: chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies (look for recipe on Friday!), and now oatmeal cookies!  And boy do I got a good one for you. These cookies are the perfect combination of crisp on the outside and that break apart slowly, chewy goodness.

Mixing together cookie dough batter for Oatmeal Cookies @

The key to oatmeal cookies is really the chewiness. Have you ever had a crunchy oatmeal cookie?  If you have, I’m sorry.  Hopefully this recipe I’m sharing, adapted from Jessica’s Jay’s Baking me Crazy recipe will help ease the pain!  I did choose to leave out the cornstarch from the original because, to put it simply, I was lazy. But I didn’t miss it much.

Adding raisins to Oatmeal Cookies @

So now onto the real debate: chocolate chips or raisins?  I, being of the tipsychocochip mind, am allllllll about those chocolate chips. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate oatmeal raisins, but in my book, it’s oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, then oatmeal cookies, then oatmeal raisin cookies. Which are all far above healthy things, hah.

Freshly baked Oatmeal Cookies @

So help me take a poll and vote for your preference in the comments!  You can always make half and half chocolate chips & raisins using the same base, which is what I did this time around. A box of raisins is perfect for a half batch!  And you only need a handful of chocolate chips for a half batch…although in my kitchen it’s more like 2: one for baking and one for eating!

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