peppermint sugar cookies;

Addicting.  I’m tempted to just leave it at that.

Shaping cookies for Peppermint Sugar Cookies @

This is a festive cookie if ever I did see one!  Holiday baking, here I come!  These are the perfect chewy cookie, and there’s a hint of peppermint in the actual cookie, reinforced by that slight crunch of crushed peppermint.  But the peppermint is mild, and not overpowering, and because of that it keeps you going back for more!  You can use whatever kind of candy canes you want–peppermint or spearmint, and I bet even the fruity ones would be a cute surprise!  Plus there’s all those wacky candy cane flavors you could try like Bacon or Cinnabon, or Birthday Cake!  You can decide if the peppermint extract compliments, or maybe you just want to leave out the peppermint extract for those options.

Soft sugar cookies for Peppermint Sugar Cookies @

What’s even better about this already awesome recipe is that I just found my new softbatch sugar cookie recipe.  Knock out the peppermint extract, and you’re good to go.  They come out nicely round, and–ugh, I just can’t get over that perfect chewy texture.  Can’t complain when I get two recipes for the price of one!  Jaclyn over at Cooking Classy really nailed this white chocolate dipped peppermint sugar cookie, though I did shorten the name a touch.

Dipping cookies for Peppermint Sugar Cookies @

So get out your holiday baking hats, and away we go!  Let me know in the comments what your holiday favorites are!

Peppermint Sugar Cookies @


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