peanut butter banana ice cream;

A creamy and smooth ice cream with only three healthy ingredients! Perfect for staying healthy while indulging in sweet frozen treats this summer!

I recently had this craving for peanut butter banana ice cream. We bought a groupon for coldstone, and I’ve been pretty enamored with their new flavor ‘dough-lightful peanut butter’, so having a sweet peanut butter flavored sweet frozen treat has been on my must-have list as of late. But the second and much less appealing reason for this is that I bought these “YoPup” frozen yogurt cups for our dog Kenichi, and every time I open one it smells like delicious banana and peanut butter. So I wanted my own human version!

Slicing ripe bananas for Banana Peanut Butter Ice Cream @

Really, this recipe couldn’t get simpler. TWO INGREDIENTS is all you need: Bananas and peanut butter. In this particular version I added both peanut butter and almond butter, and substitutes are definitely your friend! Add whatever nut butter you prefer or peanut butter powder, or you can even dress up this recipe by adding chocolate chips, cocoa nibs, a swirl of chocolate spread, cinnamon, other fruit, or protein powder!

Blending Frozen Bananas for Banana Peanut Butter Ice Cream @

The possibilities are endless, and pretty much all you need for the base is some bananas and some freezer space. Honestly, I can eat the stuff directly from the blender, though of course the recipe says to refreeze. Same as making home-made ice cream, if you blend the bananas up smooth and refreeze it, it’s likely to get some frozen crystals unless you have access to a slow churn ice cream machine. But it’s easy to scoop from frozen and will start melting in a few minutes out of the freezer, so I like to let my bowl hang on the cusp of melted and frozen to get a nice soft-serve texture. As it melts, it will become less crystalline and have a smoother texture.


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