orange truffles;

Orange orange orange!  This was one of the first recipes that made me think I could make “fancy” truffles, and by that I mean coated truffles as opposed to the more homemade style that’s a firm ganache rolled in cocoa powder or powdered sugar.

Dipping centers for Orange Truffles @

It’s the zest that really makes these orange-y!  And they look adorable with some candied orange peel as garnish.  If you’re in a pinch and don’t have another orange to zest, or used the rest of your peel to make those candied orange peels, then you can zest the boiled rind.  It’s just a little harder because they’re slippery when wet!  But it’s definitely do-able.

Making Orange Truffles @

The ganache for this recipe is a little softer than the matcha (green tea) white chocolate truffles that I shared, or the raspberry chambord truffles that I will be sharing shortly.  When you get the finished product it’s pretty amazing and classy, but the softness makes it somewhat annoying to work with.  Rolling balls becomes even harder, and it melts even easier, so it’s a lot of fridge/out/fridge/out/fridge/out.  Note that with these, if you do choose to freehand dip them, they often crack.  They’re still amazingly tasty, but I think next year, I want to use the “rose” truffle molds, and put the candied orange peel in the center!

I went with dark chocolate for these, although you can always swap out your chocolates if you have a different preference.  For me, somehow dark chocolate and orange just always go together.

Orange Truffles @

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