mint chocolate chip cookies;

Light and minty green cookies, spotted with chocolate chips of course!  The perfect chewy way to get your mint chocochip fix!

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It’s that time again!  And by that I mean tasty recipes for co-worker’s birthdays, and for this round I bring you mint chocolate chip cookies!  I love these because they’re the next step above the classic cookies I shared last week (check out oatmeal and chocolate chip). Something a little different, but perfect to share!  Or stress eat, since we’re closing on our house this week!

Mixing dough for Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies @


The recipe makes a good number too, probably around 30+ cookies, which is great for sharing and bad for your waistline!  I can attest to that. I might’ve eaten a few instead of dinner the other day…what, this is adulting right?

Adding chocochips to mint chocolate chip cookie dough @


You can opt in for the Andes mints or not as you see fit!  I’ve made them both with and without, and they’re both delicious!  The Andes mint does reinforce the minty flavor, but I promise no one will really miss them if you don’t happen to have them lying about and the store is just a really long way away.

Topping Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies with chocolate @


Anyway, try these to out and tell me what you think in the comments!  I don’t make these too often, but that’s because I know I’ll sit there and go through half the batch myself in one sitting.

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