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Tyler got these Cinnamon Bun Oreos at the grocery the other day.  I was super skeptical at first, because I’m not usually a huge fan on cinnamon-flavored things.  Wellllllll…collectively, we finished the entire package in two and a half days, I think.  I actually enjoy these a lot.  They’re not overpoweringly cinnamon, just a pleasant cinnamon cracker, and the icing just fits perfectly for the concept.  So we bought another package…okay two.  One to eat, and one for me to bake with!Cinnamon Bun Oreos for Cinnamon Bun Mini Cheesecakes @

The oreos were just so good, I wanted to use them in something, and what better than a cinnamon bun cheesecake??  So I dug up this recipe by Lindsay over at life, love and sugar and made these amazing little gems.  I literally had to give Tyler strict instructions that he couldn’t have all of them because I had mentioned them at work over lunch one day, and I needed some to bring in and share.  He pouted, but he did leave some. He also got to eat a fair few too!

Mixing cinnamon mixture for Cinnamon Bun Mini Cheesecakes @

So these are different than my other miniature cheesecakes (I need to develop a distinguishing name), in that these are just in little muffin cups, rather than 6″ cake pans.  But they’re perfect and three-bite-sized, and having that oreo, unaltered, as the crust is awesome.  Both for making and for eating!

Mixing filling for Cinnamon Bun Mini Cheesecakes @ tipsychocochip.comCinnamon Bun Mini Cheesecakes @

Other than that, this is your typical cheesecake recipe, again, perfect for impatient people like me that don’t have the patience to care about cracks, since you can cover up with icing.  With the icing, you can either coat the full top, or if you want pretty, go for the swirl like the photo above!  Honestly I don’t feel the icing is necessary other than for looking pretty.  And keep in mind that you’ll need to let them cool before topping or the icing will run together.  Another alternative is to simply sprinkle cinnamon on top!

Crumbling cinnamon Cinnamon Bun Mini Cheesecakes @

Anyway, I’ll leave you with Tyler’s decree: we may have a new king of desserts here.  But don’t take his word for it–go make them!

Cinnamon Bun Mini Cheesecakes @

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