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So…I made this cocktail by accident!  You can thank my lazy Sunday.  The past few weeks have been a bit crazy, and even Saturday this weekend was crazy!  Fun crazy, but crazy nonetheless.  Friday we went to grab drinks before seeing Captain America!  It was good, and T and I had a nice walk back chatting about our thoughts about the movie!  And then Saturday, T went running (he’s training for a marathon) for 6 miles, and I actually got my butt to the gym.  Then we had to take Kenichi on a long walk to tire him out a bit before we went to the DC SIR 4th anniversary party at a winery!

It was super fun, but we hung out for a while grabbing food, doing a wine tasting, and all with Kenichi in tow!  He was amazingly well-behaved (I was surprised, to be honest), and we hung out with some friends, got to meet some shiba friends, and Kenichi definitely had some fans.  Of course, it started downpouring about an hour into it, and we wanted to leave to get dry, but decided to stay to wait out the raffle!  We didn’t win anything, but it was great to support the rescue that we got Kenichi from (and who I volunteer with).

Anyway, the long backstory is for the wine glasses!  As part of the tickets we purchased for this event, we got two DC SIR wineglasses, and we decided to break them in with afternoon mimosas!  Now I also had been working on making some fruit leather with our new dehydrater (look for another post soon!), but since the blender was already strawberried-up, I decided to go a little fancy!


As per usual, my drink “recipes” get their air quotes, because I leave the ratios up to you.  No judgement here on how much is bubbly and how much is fruit juice.  In the blender, I added about 2 c. of halved strawberries, 1 c. orange juice, and 2 c. ice.  Blend until icy, adjusting the ratios as necessary.  Mix in about 1 c. of champagne (don’t worry there’s more later).  Mix together a regular mimosa: in our house, that’s about a 1:1 ratio of champagne and orange juice.  Pour that in next, but use a spoon to buffer the flow–pour the mimosa onto the spoon so that it gently adds to the mixture.  This made about four full-sized wine glasses!  At some point I want to have a fancy brunch party, and these will definitely be the star of the show!

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