matcha white chocolate truffles;

Let’s kick off chocolate truffle season!  I have big plans for this season, because I have some tried and true truffles and I want to try out some new recipes!  Plus I have various molds, so I’m actually looking to make assortments for Christmas gifts.  My current plan is for a sampler that includes: matcha green tea white chocolate, dulche de leche cups, orange dark chocolate,  and raspberry dark chocolate.  Other contenders include: peanut butter, eggnog, red wine, cake batter, and mocha truffles.  I want a good variety, but I also want to make things I’ll eat, so we’ll see what I end up with.  Feel free to leave a comment if you wanna vote for your favorites for me to try out and share recipes of!

Measuring out chocolate for Matcha Green Tea Truffles @

I also took the opportunity to experiment with my new molds (affiliate link).  My original plan was to go all candy-shop-style and only have one mold for each different type, but the original recipe I made for the green tea ganache was wayyyy too much, and I didn’t have that kind of time to wait for the same mold to set.  It made about 75 truffles–which was a lot of work! Dipping and making centers and then coating.  I’ve halved the ganache recipe on my card, but here’s the breakdown depending on if you’re going homestyle vs. molds:

Mixing ganache for Matcha Green Tea Truffles @

  • For rolled balls, dusted (like in Calista’s original recipe over at Good Morning Cali), double the ganache recipe.  Since there’s no space taken up by chocolate, you’ll need bigger balls, and hence the larger recipe.
  • For filled truffles, meaning molds with ganache centers, use the cards as provided

Painting chocolate shells for Matcha Green Tea Truffles @

I also tried out a few different decorating techniques.  The first was adding some matcha to the dipping chocolate and painting that into the top of the cups.  Surprisingly I think these turned out the best.  I also had the idea to sprinkle a light dusting of matcha into the molds first, which was another style.  It looks kinda cool, but honestly if people are not comfortable with matcha and what it looks like could be misconstrued as mold.

Matcha White Chocolate Truffles @




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