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This weekend we had another game night: read D&D session, because we’re cool. =D  It’s been a couple months since our last one, because summer always seems to get crazy busy for everyone and we have to find a weekend where all 5 of us are in town and not busy. But at least for you that means–more recipes!  We’ve started doing a pot luck so everyone contributes, but since I like cooking I’ll usually make one or two things that I’ve been meaning to try out. Other recipes I’ve made before include mediterranean dip, or caramelized bacon onion dip , so check out those posts if you’re planning a party!

Sauce for Maple Mustard Wings & Miso-glazed Wings @

These maple mustard wings are actually a product of my creativity!  There aren’t too many recipes that I’ll take credit for, but this is one, alongside chicken pesto burger!  Although that might be a touch misleading, because I’ve really just reappropriated the sauce from chicken and waffle sandwiches. But onto wings, so I’m claiming it for my own!

Seasoning Maple Mustard Wings @

We served these this weekend with the miso-glazed wings (so yum, check out the recipe!), and I think that a third type of wings would actually perfectly round out the trio, maybe a buffalo wing sauce or something on the spicy end. Then you can have mild (maple mustard), medium (miso glazed), and spicy (buffalo). The harder part is having enough space in your oven!  I haven’t tried these baked wings with buffalo sauce, but maybe that’s next on the list!

Glazing Maple Mustard Wings @

I tried an experiment this time, adding the maple mustard glaze on one row (see the above picture) before baking 22 minutes. I figured it might give them an extra punch of flavor, but since they’re roasting at high heat, it actually caused a little bit of char too early in my opinion. You definitely could get away with glaze on @ the beginning and 22 minutes roasting, but I think in the future I’ll keep to the original recipe: roast first, glaze second, and roast again third!  I hope you enjoy!

Maple Mustard Wings @

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