maple bacon truffles;

Maple-bacony-salty goodness wrapped up in a chocolate shell!

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Maple bacon is one of those trendy flavors right now and I have to say I don’t hate it. I’ve never been a huge maple person, especially next to say, my sister who could eat maple candies until the trees came home–that is to say, forever. Though she is particular about authenticity. In this case, unfortunately, I found that real maple syrup doesn’t add enough of an intense maple kick, so I had to out and spring for maple extract.

Mixing bacon into truffle center for Maple Bacon Truffles @

Really, there’s not a good substitute. Potentially you might be able to concentrate traditional maple syrup by boiling it down, but for $4, I sprang for the maple extract that is made naturally and really has much more of that identifiable maple flavor. The first batch I attempted definitely had more of a brown-sugar vibe.

Rolled centers for Maple Bacon Truffles @

To be fair for the first batch, I basically disregarded the original recipe and it really didn’t work out. I opted to skip the condensed milk and use pure maple syrup in lieu of the extract and didn’t have enough bacon. While it wasn’t the awful-est thing, it tasted a bit like grainy brown sugar with random bits of something (bacon) in it and you wouldn’t know it was maple unless I smacked you with a pancake. So I definitely suggest following the recipe!

Sprinkling topping on Maple Bacon Truffles @

A few hints:

  • You’ll need more bacon than you think you will.  Especially if you nibble like me…
  • Remember to reserve some bacon for topping if desired!
  • I prefer to add a touch of salt to the mixture. You can leave it out based on preference but I think it adds consistency to even out the parts that don’t have bacony goodness.

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