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Recipe two of our D&D session this past week!  Check out the first, maple mustard wings.  To be fair, it’s three if you count the miso-glazed wings that I posted a while back, since I made another round of those this weekend as well. Gotta thank blue apron for that chicken wing recipe that showed me how easy baked wings can be!  All three of these recipes are great for company.  The sauces for the wings you can prep before people show up, and just toss in the oven with minimal supervision, and while this icebox cake takes a little more work, by definition it needs to sit in your icebox (refrigerator for you new generation, like I didn’t need that explained to me as a child…) so you need to make it in advance.  Although another name for this icebox cake is “zebra cake” according to one of our friends.

Whipped Cream for Icebox Cake @

This “cake” is a little unlike traditional cake.  It uses crisp wafers that absorb moisture from the whipped cream and then make a very soft and tasty cake!  It’s hard to describe without having a reference point, but you should definitely try it!  I consider it to be one of these desserts that doesn’t have to be overly sugary.  A lot of the “sugar index” comes down to how you make the whipped cream, so you can make it sugary, but it doesn’t have to be.  And the pieces look small, sure, but they’re dense and packed full of creamy goodness, I promise!

Stacking the logs for Icebox Cake @

I feel like a broken record, but you really can’t get much more simple than this!  2 ingredients, if we’re including the whipped cream as a single ingredient.  Use Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers, and whip up homemade whipped cream, and you’re in business.  The key is really picking wafers that aren’t broken (see above).  The one on the left there is the only one in the entire package that did not have a crack running through the center of it, unfortunately, despite my best efforts to sift out the perfect cookies.  I think my mom has super powers because she always managed to get 99% whole cookies, with just one or two broken–which my sister happily ate as “rejects”.

Coating logs for Icebox Cake @

The actual construction is simple: Wafer, cream, wafer, cream.  The way that my sister and I were taught to do it is to make smaller roughly sized stacks like those above, beginning & ending with a wafer.  Then when you’re ready to start constructing the whole thing, layer a thin spread of whipped cream on what will be the bottom of the cake, and stick it to the plate.  The whipped cream on the bottom helps it stay upright and gives you just enough hold to build the rest of your cake.  Depending on your plate you can make one long one or two short ones–typically we go with two shorter ones because they’re easier to manage.

Icebox Cake @

Do make sure that if you go with multiple cakes per plate, you leave enough space between the two of them to wield a spatula, because in the end you’ll be coating the whole outside with whipped cream.  Gotta get your smoothing skills down, because that’s half the battle.  I’ve upped the cream from the suggested 2 c. to 2 1/2 c. because while my cakes worked fine with the 2 c, I probably left off about 10-15 cookies because I got lazy and this was only for 5 people.

Icebox Cake @


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