hot honey chicken;

A simple spiced, breaded, and baked chicken cutlet drizzled with some hot honey for a sweet little kick!

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I don’t know if any of you use meal kits at all, as in send away for meal recipes and ingredients and get them delivered to your door. I don’t do it often because I think it can be expensive and often comes in a lot of packaging that isn’t the most environmentally friendly, but I have to say the convenience is really quite nice. I mostly sign up when I get a good price for a box, especially when we’re coming home from trips. Coming home to an empty fridge and having a box waiting with all the ingredients and recipes means there’s decently healthy options, ingredients and all, waiting for us.

Topping Hot Honey Chicken with sour cream and panko @

The meal kits we’ve done can be hit or miss on the recipes. But we’ve had at least two recipes make it into the favorite rotations, the first being miso glazed wings, and now this hot honey chicken. The only ingredient that might be hard to find is hot honey, but everything else is easy and I keep mostly on hand in our pantry. Lucikly we didn’t have too much trouble finding hot honey–we found ours at Whole Foods. We tried sitting some chili flakes in honey for a while and it didn’t completely fail, but it didn’t have the same kick. When you infuse honey with just chili flakes and spices, the heat definitely builds over time, rather than being a more smooth and consistent burn with the storebought. From a little research when I considered making my own hot honey, I believe the good stuff is infused with chilis, i.e. you boil honey directly with the chilis. Somehow boiling seemed like too much effort so I opted to buy the stuff, knowing we’ll happily use it for other things.

Hot Honey Chicken spice blend @

It did take a little bit to recreate the barbecue spice mix we received from hello fresh, but I think we got close! At least close enough to keep making this hot honey chicken on the regular!


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