[healthful] coconut milk banana bread;

A healthy version of banana bread–no butter or oils here!  Still delicious and everything you want in a banana bread, but using healthy coconut milk for that moist delicious flavor instead of the bad-for-you alternatives.

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I think the above summary pretty much sums it up.  Do you love banana bread?  Are you looking for a healthy alternative?  Then this coconut milk banana bread is the answer to your prayers!  No butter, no oil, instead we use all-natural, full fat coconut milk.  Sure it’s still got fat in it, but it’s the natural and healthy kind which makes this recipe hard to beat!

Mixing up batter for Coconut Milk Banana Bread @ tipsychocochip.com

Coconut milk is one of those things that I enjoy using, but very often don’t use enough in any one recipe to make it worthwhile to open up a can.  So I always end up with leftovers that I don’t know what to do with, and so banana bread always comes in handy!  I also have mini loaf pans, so I can make a variety of number and sizes of loaves that let me tailor this recipe to my needs.  Featured here are two of my mini-loafs, although without a reference you really can’t tell the difference!

Adding in brown sugar to batter for Coconut Milk Banana Bread @ tipsychocochip.com

Using coconut milk really doesn’t change the flavor much–I can’t tell, and I’ve never had anyone who’s tried it ask if I’ve done something different than normal banana bread.  So why not make the swap and make your banana bread healthier!  Then you can even enjoy it guilt-free.  Or add butter back on a slice, and maybe take some of that guilt back, but less than it would have been!

Freshly baked Coconut Milk Banana Bread @ tipsychocochip.com

Make sure to check out my bang bang shrimp recipe from earlier this week!  It’s perfect to pair with this banana bread to use up a whole can of coconut milk!

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