Everyone needs a classic guacamole recipe on hand, and tipsychocochip is here to deliver!  Silky in texture and livened up with red onion, cumin, and tomatoes, here’s a perfect party recipe for when store-bought just won’t cut it!

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You really can’t get much better than a perfectly silky ripe avocado. It’s funny to me as I write this–I used to hate avocados. They seemed pointless to me, tasteless, and a weird texture. But I’ve come to really enjoy their subtle enhancements to dishes I already love.

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One of the reasons I even gave avocados a chance was cumin. I know, random right?  Cumin isn’t even a traditional guac ingredient. It’s actually a spice that originates from India, and the US uses far more of it than Mexico.  Turns out it’s a pretty traditional Tex-mex spice, and where do you find a lot of guac?  On Tex-mex tables. So I really think the cumin enhances a lot of the flavors and gives a nice twist to straight up avocados. Chances are some of the guacamole dips you’ve had did have cumin, but I really love the spice, so this recipe is chock-full!

Adding lime to Guacamole @
I also love adding the textural elements of diced red onion and diced tomatoes. You can also mix in salsa if you don’t have fresh tomatoes on hand, though the fresh tomatoes really keep the guacamole light and add additional texture.  If you’re too lazy to do some choppin’, you can even mix in pico de gallo since it basically has the same ingredients!

Adding tomatoes to Guacamole @

Tips for keeping your guacamole green and fresh (and not that awful oxidized brown color that–let’s face it–looks kinda like poo):

  • If preparing in advance, press plastic wrap onto the surface of your finished guacamole to remove it’s interaction with the air
  • Add an extra healthy squeeze of lime over the top of the guacamole before setting it out
  • Eat it fast!  It won’t last anyway.

Guacamole @

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