green pesto pizza;

Spice up your weeknight pizza by making your own green pizza!  Thin crust pizza with a  pesto sauce topped with broccoli, artichokes, and feta for a healthy but delicious green pizza!

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I’m a huge fan of pizza!  Melty cheese on carbs?  I was sold at cheese!  Now throw some healthy and tasty veggies and some of that good ‘ol cheese and you’ve got yourself a pretty tasty meal!

Spreading pesto on the pizza crust for Green Pesto Pizza @

It does take some work, but I think it is really worth it in the end.  This pizza is light and flavorful and even has veggies so I feel half as horrible about the half a pizza I alone eat.  So a big thanks to Ginnie at Hello Little Home for this pizza idea!

Sprinkling cheese on the pizza crust for Green Pesto Pizza @

If you’re on the homemade train, you can make your own pizza crust–try my recipe!  It makes for a light crust, perfect for a 16″ pizza or 3-4 personal pizzas.  It works out well if you make the dough when you get home, then walk the dog or hit the gym to let it rise!  But if you’re on a tighter schedule, grabbing that dough from the frozen or refrigerated section makes for a quick weeknight pizza!

Green Pesto Pizza with artichokes, broccoli, mozzarella and feta cheeses, and pesto @


Feel free to swap up the flavor profile if you feel like it!  This is a vegetarian pizza, but I bet this would be great with some crumbled sausage thrown in, or for a Christmas-themed pizza top with some fresh tomatoes after baking, or even throw in some chopped sundried tomatoes before baking!  If you find a combo of yummy toppings drop me a comment so I can try them myself!

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