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A simple recipe of garlicky cremini mushrooms, delicious as an individual side, or perfect to add some earthy depth to any other dish!

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Funny, I’ve come a long way from hating mushrooms.  I used to hate mushrooms.  They’re a weird texture raw, and sometimes when cooked they’re rubbery, which isn’t much better in the texture department.  But I think I’ve found a few tricks to share with you on how I like my mushrooms!

Slicing mushrooms for Garlic Mushrooms @

The first key tip from me is: Cremini mushrooms or bust.  I think part of my issue is with white button mushrooms specifically.  Not that they’re bad, but they’re really as blank a canvas as you can find.  So if you sop them up in sauce they’re fine, but overall don’t do much for me.  Cremini mushrooms are brown on the outside, and have a much more earthy flavor that can stand on their own, in my opinion.

Sauteeing mushrooms for Garlic Mushrooms @

The second is not to add salt until the very end.  That’s how I get the nice golden brown color on my sliced mushrooms.  If you add salt early, it will draw out the water from the mushrooms, and they can often boil in their own runoff juices, which doesn’t give them that golden brown sauteed taste.  Last is garlic!  Because, well, garlic!  Garlic makes all things better.

Sauteeing mushrooms for Garlic Mushrooms @

The best part about this is that it’s easy to adjust how much you’re making!  Tyler doesn’t really like mushrooms, so I never get those packages of cremini mushrooms because that’s far too many for me alone.  But I go to the loose ones in the grocery store, and buy maybe like 6-10 and that’s perfect for me!  I will just eat these straight, or in the featured photo, you can see I scattered them over some storebought ravioli!  Also a great addition to risotto (tipsychocochip recipe).

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