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Happy birthday to me!  That’s right, September 8th is my birthday!  And keeping in the tradition of making goodies for people’s birthdays…I couldn’t well leave myself hanging!  But since it was raining yesterday and I was too lazy to get some mint extract for mint chocolate chip cookies, I decided to go with what I had on hand and make some funfetti fudge!  I actually really like the funfetti cake mix in this because I like the sprinkles that come in it.  They’re crunchy and hold up well without being too hard or distracting from the cake-batter flavor!

Butter and chocolate for Funfetti Fudge @


This recipe is great to throw together last minute, though it does need some time to cool in the fridge.  But even if you make it before dinner, it’s good to go for dessert!  I will note that when I made this I did not spray the pan with anything or use parchment paper because I assumed there was enough butter in it to keep it from sticking to the glass pan.  Well, guess who was wrong.  This lady!  Still 112% tasty, but a little bit of fighting with a fork to get them up.  So highly recommend following my updated recipe card to make your own life easier.

Mixing batter for Funfetti Fudge @

Besides, who doesn’t love funfetti?  Somehow it all seems very birthday-esque, so I thought it appropriate.  I always find it hard to come up with things to make for my birthday because really, I’m non-discriminate!  I like a lot of things–if you couldn’t tell from reading this blog.  Since I have a bit of space in this post, and I’m not sure I’ll get to it in another post, I wanted to chat about the escape room that I mentioned in my reese’s peanut butter bars post about labor day weekend!

Topping Funfetti Fudge with sprinkles @

We got a groupon to rent out a whole room (meaning if you have a group that’s less than the max capacity, technically other patrons could sign up for the same time slot).  So it ended up being only about $20 each, which is not bad for an hour of entertainment!  I’d done one prior to this one, and I’d say they were fairly comparable.  Both times were hard and we did it with the max number of people, but did manage to escape, albeit with less than 10mins left each time.  This one definitely came down to the wire!  We were shuffled into a medium-sized room and had to get out with two stacks of “cash” and a “gold bar” in the hour time frame!  I won’t go too into details about the room because I wouldn’t want to give it away!

Extracting Funfetti Fudge from the pan--make sure to spray it @

But it was fun, and actually the “vault”, which I assumed was a wall safe, opened up into another entire room which was cool, and gave the 8 of us more space to spread out.  I think we worked well together, and definitely did need a clue or two from the “room gods”, the people who watch you through cameras to make sure you’re not going too far down the wrong path or destroying things.  But it was definitely fun, and I highly recommend it to anyone who’s looking to change up their average, redundant entertainment!  A big key is definitely to pick people who can work together under pressure and have good communication.  Even still, by the end I think at least 5 different people had tried the keys we had on all the locks multiple times, haha.

Funfetti Fudge @


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